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Solar Batteries

We offer power packed tubular inverter batteries that deliver seamless power backup, high efficiency to make your world brighter.
Switch to VIDYUT inverter batteries and put an end to frequent power cuts & make your life shine with the glow of radiance.
Our batteries have especially formulated paste, strong grids and robust containers that withstand the test of time & offer performance par excellence.

Model: VBST-10000

Rating 100AH

Model: VBST-13500

Rating 135AH

Model: VBST-15000

Rating 150AH

Model: VBST-16500

Rating 165AH

Model: VBST-18000

Rating 180AH

Model: VBST-20000

Rating 200AH

Model: VBST-22000

Rating 220AH

Model: VBST-25000

Rating 250AH

Model: VBST-30000

Rating 300AH