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Automotive Batteries

VIDYUT offers a wide range of Automotive Batteries geared to serve the country's booming automotive industry.
One of the most dynamic sectors of the economy, the Automotive Industry is literally driven by a
vibrant battery industry for transports, trucks, tractors and so on..

Model: VAU4536

Rating 45AH

Model: VAU6036

Rating 60AH

Model: VAU7036

Rating 70AH

Model: VAU8536

Rating 85AH

Model: VAU9536

Rating 95AH

Model: VAU11036

Rating 110AH

Model: LB1400L

Rating 140AH

Model: LB1500L

Rating 150AH

Model: VAU1800L

Rating 180AH

Model: VAU2000L

Rating 200AH